High School vs College Math

When I was in high school, I really liked math. I enjoyed algebra, I enjoyed geometry, I really enjoyed all the types of math that involved solving equations or finding the missing pieces of a puzzle, which to me felt like a mind game. This was exciting for me and I thought that I might be interested in pursuing a career related to math.

However, I was in for a rude awakening when I started college, majoring in economics, and I needed to take classes in college math. One of the hardest subjects for me to master has been statistics. For some reason, the shift in thinking that is required by statistics has been very hard for me to embrace. No longer are we solving an equation looking for an answer that makes the equation true.

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Now, we are reveling in uncertainty, asserting that in fact we are not certain and will never be certain about anything that we attempt to ascertain through statistics. This uncertainty has left me feeling like I don't really want to do this kind of math. The beauty that was for me all about finding some little tidbit of truth now has been lost, because statistics is about approximating the truth while knowing you can never ever be sure about it.

My Approach in College

Because of this problem I have experienced with college math and stats, I have started to seek out college statistics homework help. It has been a difficult experience trying to continue my high-level math functioning when I don’t feel anymore like a person who excels at math. Granted, statistics is one type of math, and like any other field, a person can still be skilled at one area without being skilled at all of them.

For example, an artist may excel at hand drawing but find painting with water colors extremely challenging. However, just like in art, in order to master a domain, a person has to be able to address every area within that domain at least reasonably well all the while maintaining one area that he or she particularly excels at. This is why I have sought out a person to help me with my stats. I know I cannot leave stats behind, even though I don’t like it, if I want to be an economist.

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To be a competent and skilled professional person, I need to be able to effectively apply any type of math technique or approach that might be required by a given situation. Since I am struggling with stats, I decided that the only way to solve this problem is to find someone to help me fill in these weak spots, like a personal math trainer.

The Effects of Stats Help

The effect of acquiring college statistics homework help has been to boost my grades and my confidence. I have always had math confidence, but in college, this confidence has been weakened. I needed the intellectual and emotional support of another person for whom statistics is easy to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the end, having a person help me with my stats allows me to draw from their strengths and combine them with mine to form a math person that is greater than the sum of its parts. Ultimately, I think that I help them too, since for my stats tutor, the kind of math that I like is actually more challenging. Thus, my stats tutoring relationship has become mutually beneficial, leaving us both the better off for it.

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