What Now: I need Accounting Homework Help

I just started a boring yet necessary stage of my professional development which is getting my Associates degree online in accounting. However, because I work like crazy during the day, I really don't have the necessary time to devote to studying, and I really need to look for someone who offers accounting homework help in my area.

It can be online, or in person, but I am essentially lost right now. If anyone knows a person who offers accounting homework help via either of these avenues, please let me know. Today, for example, we were talking about debits and credits, which seem simple. But getting into complex calculations really is actually more difficult than it seems, and there are certain theoretical considerations that I did not expect.

After all, this is accounting … I maybe should have chosen a better career, but since I already work in an accounting department, I thought it would be the natural way to go. Nevertheless, I did not realize that I was going to have to study accounting theory, especially for an Associate's degree. It's not that I don't like reading about theory, and, in all honesty, accounting theory is not all that complex. It's just that I don't have the time.

Accounting Help

It is hard to find time

I really respect those people who have a family, hold down a job, and go to school full time. I can't imagine doing that. Right now I am stressed out to my ears. Hopefully I can find someone to help me, someone who can recommend a person who offers accounting homework help to a person like me. One day I will be done with all this studying and will have advanced further in my career, and will have actually decided if I want to continue in this line of work or do something else.

I know you can make significant money as an accountant, like in the six figure range, if you work at a high level in a big company. I guess I have a long way to go, though, before I'm at that level. Right now I just need to pay my bills! I also just got a cat and believe it or not, little Samantha eats quite a lot. Maybe I'll have to tally up the debits and credits for my cat, and see if she comes out ahead!! That's just an little accounting humor.

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