Yes, You Can Still Find Some Math Help for Free

You can easily get math help these days on the internet. And the best thing about it is that there are a lot of sites which offer free math help services. How do you look for these sites then? Google it up by typing “free math help” on the Google search page.

You can also play around with the keyword by shuffling the words such as “math help free” or “math free help.” Jumbling the words will give you different search results, which will help you expand your search.

Free Sites

Aside from the ones we all know, like Khan Academy, One good example of a free math help site is This website is funded by the GCF Community foundation and is being operated by the Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina, Incorporated.

By visiting the home page of the site, you will already notice the different topics for learning that they are offering. It includes computer training, topics about math & money, things that we encounter in our everyday life, and some online classes. However, before you can avail of the free math help classes, you need to register first.

Another great example is, that offers a great variety of Statistics calculators, with step-by-step solutions.

Math Help

Math Basics

Since we want to look for free math help, then we need to click on the category that says "Math & Money". You will then be asked to choose between math basics and money basics. Clicking on the Math Basics link will send you to the page which shows you the various lessons available for the math basics topic.

The math basics topics include:

a) addition and subtraction

b) multiplication and division

c) fractions, decimals, and percents

Most of the math help lessons are created by instructional design experts and these are also intended to be taken at an individual's own pace. It is also very interactive which incorporates flash cards, audio demonstrations, and the like. With its high interactivity, boredom is eliminated ensuring the efficiency of learning. also offers instructor guided courses with duration of up to three weeks. The classes include

a) MS Office software including Word, Access, Powerpoint, Excel, and Publisher

b) Math Basics

Learning Tools


All of these math help are provided absolutely free. You might be asking right now “What is the catch?” There is actually no catch for this. No fees. Absolutely nothing. Unlike other sites that provide a month of trial offer, is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization hence, the life blood of this organization is the donation coming from the GCF community.

If you are willing to donate some amount for GCFLearningFree, you can directly do it through their website. There is a link there that will redirect you to Entango site which will allow you to make a safe credit card donation.

The site itself has been reviewed and approved by the Association for Continuing Education and training as an authorized provider. Thus, you can be assured that all the math help topics and learning tools are created with high standards. Aside from that, once you finish taking up a lesson, you will be issued with a certificate of completion.

In case you have any question, you can contact us.

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